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Home charging stations

Safe, smart, and simple. Save time by charging your electric car in the driveway or garage so that you can hit the road with a full battery every day.

Forget the regular electrical outlet. Safely charge 8x faster at home by simply plugging your electric car into a GLB Wallbox to charge, and then unplugging it to drive. A home charging station is a must for every EV driver with off-street parking.

BASIC Charger

Featuring full mode 3 charge control with a motorised interlock with power reserve.

It can be configured to deliver between 3.7kW and 22kW and can be fitted with a type A or type B RCBO.

With space for a MID certified kWh meter, this charger has a TYPE 2 socket outlet and is rated at IP44, IK07.


In addition to the features of the basic model, this charger features Dynamic Load Management (DLM). DLM protects the main fuse in an installation by reducing the Electric Vehicle charging current, when the total load is high and by increasing the charging current when the total load is low. To enable DLM, a kWh meter is fitted at the main distribution board.

The standard charger can manage a network of chargers to ensure that the maximum current is not breached.

This charger can also accept inputs to start or stop charging, to avail of discounted electricity prices or to provide remote isolation. The charger is available with type 2 socket, type 2 fixed lead, or type 1 fixed lead.


This is our premium EV charger. With all the features of the basic and standard chargers, it has DC leakage monitoring built into the product. This is an extremely important feature designed to ensure that the protective devices operate under fault conditions and negates the need for a Type B RCD.

This charger can also have an optional Wi-Fi module fitted. The Wi-Fi module allows the charger to be configured remotely. With a Wi-Fi module fitted, the charger can also be fitted with an optional RFID reader for increased security and billing.

Installing the Wi-Fi module additionally allows the charger to be updated for both firmware and software.

Why charge with a Garo charging station?

Powers up every electric car

GARO charging stations are compatible with every electric car model available, thanks to the variety of charging capacity options we have available.

Charges 8 times faster (and more safely) than a regular outlet

Our charging stations hold numerous safety certifications and compliance standards so that you can rest assured that EV charging will not put your home at risk.

Ensures you leave home every morning with a full battery

Avoid anxiety around finding an available charging station and paying more expensive public charging fees. Having a GLB or LS4 guarantees you’ll always have a spot to charge.